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Matts Auto Detailing is the #1 option for your cars, boats, and RVS. We have everything from simple maintenance details all the way to paint correction / ceramic coatings. Book now to keep your car like new!

Recurring Mantenance

-Thorough Vacuum
-Thorough Wipe-down
-Foam Bath 
-2 Bucket Wash
-Wheels and Tires Thoroughly Cleaned
-Windows in & out
-Door Jambs Cleaned
-Tire Shine
-Carpet Art & Air Freshener


Commonly used for fleet vehicles, car enthusiasts or regular car cleaning needs! 

Matt's Auto Spa-01.png


Starting at: $90

Thorough vacuum, interior wipe-down, foam bath, 2 bucket wash, wheels and tires deep cleaned, door jambs cleaned, windows in and out, and tire shine.

Matt's Auto Spa-01.png

Clay + Seal

Starting at: $200

We meticulously remove contaminates, revealing a smooth, glossy finish. Our sealing process locks in the shine, protecting your car's beauty.

Matt's Auto Spa-01.png
Matt's Auto Spa-01.png

Full Detail

Full Interior 

Starting at: $275

Starting at: $200

Thorough vacuum, Carpet shampoo & Extraction, Seat shampoo & extraction, Leather deep cleaned(if applicable), Every inch of the interior scrubbed down and steamed, Foam bath, 2 bucket wash, Wheels, tires, and wheel wells deep cleaned, iron removal and cay bar, 6-month paint sealant, windows & doorjambs cleaned, tires shined.

Thorough vacuum, Carpet shampoo &  extraction, seat shampoo & extraction,  leather cleaned and conditioned (if applicable), everything inside gets scrubbed down and steam cleaned, inside of windows cleaned, door jambs cleaned

Matt's Auto Spa-01.png
Matt's Auto Spa-01.png

Paint Correction

Ceramic Coatings

Starting at: $400

Starting at: $500

Our paint correction service transforms your vehicle's appearance. We expertly remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation, restoring your car's paint.

Our advanced coating technologies shield your car from environmental damage while enhancing its shine.

Ad-On Packages

- Engine Bay Detail: $40

-Dog Hair Removal: $40

-Windshield Ceramic Coating: $50

-Wheel Ceramic Coating: $100

-House Trash Can Cleaning: $40

-Couch Shampooing & Extraction: $150


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